Our Services

We help companies pragmatically implement IoT solutions

We leverage your existing machine and sensor data; and combine it with the power of real time predictive analytics to enable you to respond faster and more efficiently.  


Whatever your needs or preference, Eblaro can provide award-winning out-of-box solutions; or we can tailor a customised approach and solution for a specific challenge.

Our Team

Our team has a wealth of experience in Internet of Things, Telecom, Energy efficiency Management, M2M Connectivity, Facial Recognition and Cyber Security. Our employees are constantly educated so they are up to date with the latest market trends. 

What we deliver


EBLARO IoT solutions make existing processes more efficient or enable new, substantially more efficient processes.


We believe that the advantages offered by IoT can be gained without compromising security or privacy.

Business Results

Our IoT solutions deliver superior results with clear business models and value propositions.  We evaluate business models and performance criteria at the design stage and build them into the solution.

Our Proprietary Methodology

We understand the challenges that organizations face amidst the tsunami of technological change, the risks of adoption and of standing still.  


The Eblaro IoT Accelerator is a well-thought through process to understand the gaps and challenges that you face in your operations today.  

Our consultants will then architect a solution that brings clear value and efficiencies so that your business will be able to make that quantum leap into the future rapidly in a continuous learning loop.


Beyond the technological implementation, the human factor needs to considered as well.  Our consultants will assist in the organizational change management so that the disruption caused by the new workflow is kept to a minimum.

IoT Accelerator


"Eblaro has an excellent ability to map customers pain points to relevant business solutions and work with the customer to ensure that such business solution gets delivered across the organisation.

Erich is attentive to details though always keeping an eye on the big picture."


Claus R. Nielsen

Global Business Development Consultant

Neural Technologies Ltd

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