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Decrease ACMV energy consumption by up to 20%

Whether you are a Building Owner, a Facilities Manager, or a CFO, Eblaro is here to help you save building operation costs by significantly reducing the energy required for air-conditioning.  Leveraging your existing data coupled with leading edge predictive analytics, Eblaro optimises your energy demand. No Capex investment is required and you will get a  positive ROI in less than a year.  

Eblaro optimizes Energy Efficiency across 3 dimensions

3 controls

Mechanical & Control Optimization via Fault Detection & Diagnostics

With our first tier of service, Eblaro helps Facilities Managers to detect and diagnose inefficiencies and faults in their ACMV system. These faults are prioritised according to greatest energy impact. Helping you and your team to focus on resolving  the incidents that matter most and to increase your equipment life.

Your team will be supported 24/7 by our expert Network Operations Centre, extending your eyes and ears into your ACMV system, giving you peace of mind.

We can even transmit your continuous commissioning data to the Building Authority of Singapore (BCA) for Green Mark verification and certification.


Predictive Energy Optimization (PEO)

Eblaro provides Predictive Energy Optimization (PEO) services to Building Owners and Facilities Managers to optimize all the various subsystems in your  ACMV as a whole.  Using leading edge machine-learning, PEO builds a thermodynamic model of your specific building, combined with weather forecast, we help you save up to 20% of your ACMV energy costs. 

3 Powerful Factors benefit the needs of Property Owners & Facilities Operators by:

Manager (businessman, coach, leadership) plan to increase efficiency.

Addressing manpower shortage, competence & productivity


ZERO CapEx deployment

Crystal ball

IPMVP quantifiable performance of energy savings

Office Buildings

Large office building owners must keep their energy costs low while improving their sustainability goals. At the same time, they must ensure their tenants stay comfortable and content at all times. Losing even one tenant due to excessive hot and cold temperatures is not an option.

The application helps office-building customers accomplish their goals by using the patented Predictive Energy Optimization technology. The software sits on top of a building’s BMS system and continuously monitors inputs including the weather, occupancy, energy prices and demand response events. Based on those inputs, it runs thousands of algorithms to identify the best temperature and pressure settings for that specific building for the next 24 hours.

Government Buildings

BuildingIQ technology has been deployed in government buildings throughout North America and Australia.

Government building operators must keep their energy costs low while improving their sustainability goals.

As in the private sector, it is a requirement that tenants are comfortable. Government buildings have the added goal of being leaders in sustainability so that others follow suit.



Hotels and casinos have strong incentives to reduce their energy costs. However, maintaining moderate temperatures that ensure guests stay comfortable at all times is of paramount importance to their business. BuildingIQ’s unique technology considers the cost of energy as well as other factors such as tenant comfort. Building operators can define for specific time periods, which factors are of most importance.
The software will automatically optimize around the user-defined hierarchy of variables. This flexibility has allowed hotel managers to install BuildingIQ in some of the most high-end, luxurious Las Vegas hotels and casinos.

Educational Campuses

The high cost of education is pressuring everyone on university campuses to reduce the escalating costs of energy.

Additionally, many campuses have made commitments to their students and alums to be as sustainable as possible.  Ratings such as the GreenReportCard rate the relative sustainability scores of college campuses. College recruiters know that being seen as being green is vital to attracting the best and brightest students.

Large, air-conditioned spaces such as classrooms, lecture halls, theaters, and offices are good fits for BuildingIQ technology.

Heath Care Facilities

With the worldwide rising costs of medical care and aging populations, it is important for medical facility engineers to ensure their energy systems are reliable while keeping energy costs as low as possible. One of the greatest opportunities for energy cost savings in hospitals lies in optimizing HVAC operations. 

The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) in the USA dictates strict requirements for air circulation in operating rooms and other ultra-sensitive environments. In most sections of the hospital, however, facility managers can implement energy savings technologies without affecting OSHPD compliance.

Large Retail Spaces

Shopping malls benefit greatly from the technology. Open spaces between stores can be huge consumers of HVAC energy, which drive up the costs of operations.

Shopping mall managers need to reduce their HVAC costs without impacting their customers’ comfort.

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